Here are a few other sites that follow the Sapadian way.
By ThatGuyOverThere on 2022-08-22 22:23:59 |


Here are a few other sites that follow the Sapadian way (no logins, no ad, no (or very few trackers):




* frogfind.com




* 68k.news




* sumi.news




* txti.es




* i.reddit.com




* lite.cnn.com




* text.npr.org




* m.wikipedia.org




What are some of your favorites?


2022-08-23 00:52:14
By ben

These are fantastic. I think txti is an interesting concept, I love the simplicity, and the fact you can customize your landing page and edit code. I enjoyed sumi.news, but there is a paid feature and they do require an email; however, I thought the layout was very intuitive.

I think I have to mention more of an app than a web site, but it has the same concept, and that is limited tracking and fast load times for slower connections.  The application is the Lynx Text Browser, which is available as a package on many Linux distributions.

2022-08-23 20:15:48
By ThatGuyOverThere

@ben I like lynx, too. However, as far as text browsers go, I have more experience with w3m.

2022-08-24 17:23:35
By ben

Wow! 89 w3m downloads this week on SourceForge, I am going to check it out on my Linux machine, I love how they list Lynx as a neighbor, perhaps a little competition going on there which is ok :-)