Now that Sapadian is "Live," there should be some documentation.
By ThatGuyOverThere on 2022-08-31 22:28:15 |


Now that Sapadian is live, there should be some documentation to:

1. Let users know what it is (and what it isn't)

2. Provide users help on getting started.

3. Help users post & interact.

4. Let users know what was in a release and what is coming.

I know some of this info has been posted in threads, but those get pushed down and have people search for #sapadianhelp may not be the best user experience. Here are a few sites for inspiration:

1.  Twitter Help

2.  Facebook Help

3. Mastodon Help

4. Reddit Help

Just a thought.


2022-08-31 23:31:49
By ben

I appreciate this feedback, this is a good idea. I will work on making a dedicated help section, which will be located via a link in the footer, and possibly a main button. I should have something available within a day or two maybe sooner.

2022-09-01 01:50:32
By ben

The help is now live, there is a link in the header and footer.  I will be building this out over time, and adding content for things.

2022-09-04 18:30:18
By ThatGuyOverThere

@ben, Great! And well done!