The HP Dev One - Linux laptop from HP running Pop!_OS
By ben on 2022-09-05 23:59:52 |


This is a great review of the Dev One laptop from HP that runs Pop!_OS. I prefer Ubuntu laptops myself; however, this is a really good breakdown, and review,  of a good Linux laptop option from a big OEM. #Linux #HP #LaptopReviews

HP Dev One Product Info


2022-09-06 21:35:28
By ThatGuyOverThere

My next laptop will probably be a Linux OEM laptop. Or a device with no OS from the manufacturer. I am a Linux Mint user, but I will occasionally run Debian.

2022-09-07 01:25:07
By ben

I run an old IBM (not Lenovo) Thinkpad T43 with Ubuntu 20.0.4 LTS and it is fantastic and when the SSD dies I'll probably just buy another old school Thinkpad and put Ubuntu 22 LTS on it. Debian and Red Hat are the two GOAT distros in my humble opinion. I am excited and scared for the Canonical IPO, I know I will grabbing a few shares when it happens though, because UBuntu is really doing well in the enterprise server market.

Dell also offers an XPS model that comes with Ubuntu 22.X.X LTS that looks pretty good. I also like System76 systems.