Yellowstone - S. 5 Ep. 3
By MovieReviews on 2022-11-27 21:10:18 | TV Yellowstone


Warning, spoilers in this review.

The new season of Yellowstone seems to be starting off slower than in the past.  The dynamics of the story seem to be fairly thin. The main antagonist seems to be an attorney from the Dutton's rival airport building corporation, Beth herself (getting in a bar fight), and Federal Wildlife Agents, tracking down two protected wolves that were killed accidentally by ranch cowboys.

It just seems like these antagonists don't pack much of a punch. Which leads me to believe that the main drama may be caused by the unraveling of Beth's blackmail campaign against her brother Jamie, or  within John Dutton himself. We get a tease of things that are going through his mind, but can never get a clear picture.

Getting into the mind of John Dutton will hopefully provide us the story we have come to expect from Yellowstone.



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