Twitter is becoming a podcast app
By ThatGuyOverThere on 2022-08-30 11:50:18 |


Twitter is officially getting into podcasts. The app will launch a test version of Twitter Spaces today that includes podcasts, letting you listen to full shows through curated playlists based on your interests.

The redesigned Spaces tab opens with Stations, topic-based playlists combining podcast episodes pulled from RSS with Twitter's social audio events and recordings. It functions like a Pandora station but for spoken word and is pretty different from the a la carte listening podcast consumers are used to on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Live and upcoming spaces are still in the tab, further down the page. The test will roll out to a random group of users across the world, initially only in English.


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2022-08-30 14:45:54
By ben

Too many features I think. The spaces idea it not a bad one, but it's a company, and there will always be the underlying priority of new revenue streams.